Head Injuries and Trauma *Pt 1*

It was Valentine’s Day weekend in 2012, I was playing soccer at an indoor arena in Quincy, IL. About halfway through the game, I turned towards a teammate who was clearing the ball out of our half, it hit the left side of my head. It knocked me to the turf covered cement, as I saw nothing but blackness and stars. I recall trying to stand up but immediately falling back down. My dad was the coach of our team so he was able to be at my side quickly. The game was stopped while he carried me to a nearby table and laid me down. My mom, brother, and concerned parents of my teammates rushed over to comfort me and someone called 911. I remember going in and out of consciousness for a few minutes and hearing, “Is anyone a doctor? We need a doctor!”. My eyes were rapidly dilating and my breathing was irregular. A dad from the opposing team told us he was a doctor and tried to help while the ambulance was on its way. Luckily a hospital was near by, before I knew it I was being rolled in a gurney by EMTs down a bright hallway. I fully came to in a hospital room, surrounded by two doctors and my parents. Next I went in for CAT scan and MRI, which were extremely uncomfortable and took forever. I was so exhausted but was told by the doctors I could not sleep. The whole situation seemed like something of a nightmare to myself and my family. We were a few hours from home so we all stayed at hospital until my tests came back. The drive home was nothing short of miserable, my best friends mom stayed with us to help my parents, they were just as tired as I was. I wore a neck brace for the next seven days to ensure minimal movement. I probably didn’t sleep for more than two or three hours the following night due to the uncomfortable feelings I had mentally and physically. This was the just beginning of my concussions, which brought along chronic migraines and headaches, anxiety, loss of focus and sleep, nausea, depression and so much more.

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