The Maui Diaries Cont. ༄

Arriving at the hotel in Kaanapali, I was still in disbelief at the beauty of this island. We checked in at the front desk, receiving mimosas, leis and our room keys. A kind bellhop took our luggage to the room, all of us relaxed because we were so tired, especially from carrying all of our stuff, which seemed to keep getting heavier. Our room had a walkout patio leading to the infinity pool one way and the ocean the other way. Immediately we plopped down on our beds and caught up on some sleep. Probably the longest nap we had in our lives. All of us waking at different times, my aunt went exploring the accommodations that came with hotel while I went to the pool and my brother shortly came up to join me. This part of the trip felt like something out of luxurious dream. A young woman came to us with a food menu and asked if we wanted any drinks while we sunbathed. My brother quickly ordered a daiquiri, I decided on water and quesadillas. We both downed our drinks, I was dehydrated. Sitting by the pool, eating quite possibly the best quesadillas in the world, IN MAUI….. I was on cloud nine. Such an unforgettable, magical feeling it was being in a place like that, especially when the sun was setting. Some nights we went out to local restaurants, infatuated with the hospitality we received by just about everyone we met. Other nights, we ordered food by the pool or used the grills on the beach and cooked out. We made sure to take time and watch the sunset every night. After exploring the entirety of the island, we picked our favorite spots and returned for awhile, spending a few hours exploring and admiring the stunning parts of each location. I took mental & physical pictures of every little niche we pulled over at, with great hopes of returning one day. As our trip came to an end, we packed our belongings and returned to the airport with a few more things we had after doing some souvenir and retail shopping. The returning flight seemed worlds longer than the flight there, which made sense for I was already longing to be back in Hawaii, and still am.

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