Adventures in Europe ⊰ ⊰ *Part three*

After a truly unforgettable time in France, we boarded a plane headed to one of the Balearic Islands of Spain!! Our nights on the Island, known as Menorca, would be spent on a sail boat, we booked through Air B n B. The sailboat had a cabin where my mom and I would sleep, while my aunt set up a hammock on the deck. On the first day, we walked up and down the streets exploring the beauties of island living, with the sunshine pouring down on us. We walked through the most charming little pop us shops on the town square, filled with handmade linens, shoes, art, jewelry and so much more. We met a number of fascinating souls and listened to stories about the amazing place we were in. Another day, we drove a peaceful hour to a hidden beach. With no road access to this beach, we walked about 20 minutes until reaching an opening to the enchanting Cala Mitjana beach. Probably the closest thing to heaven on earth, we spent the day swimming, snorkeling and soaking up sun with a few picnics in between. The next day we headed out onto the Mediterranean sea in our sailboat with two helmsmen. As we exited the calm bay and hit the open choppy waters, sea sickness hit me like a cement wall. Luckily we had Dramamine, after taking some, I could fully enjoy the present moment without feeling extreme dizziness and nausea. The ocean was a sort of deep blue I’d never seen before, full of stingrays, jellyfish and schools of fish under what seemed like every single wave of seawater. We reached another hidden beach where a number of other boats were anchored down, with people enjoying the crystal clear, cool waters. We snorkeled and swam for hours until the sun was setting, then sailed back along the rocky coast to the large bay our dock was in. We dined at little, quaint restaurants most nights, where we experienced the kindest of hospitality. When our time in Menorca sadly came to an end, we packed up and flew for about an hour on a small plane to the city of ….. Barcelona!!!

To be continued♥♥♥

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