Comparison; thief of joy

The difference between people in real life vs their image on Social media can be major. Don’t compare yourself to a picture someone edited of themselves, realize that everyone wants to be portrayed to people in their own way. Comparison can be so detrimental and toxic, leaving you wondering things like why you can’t be more like them. Comparison, on social media especially, is very hard because people usually only show you all the best times they have, often making you feel inferior or negatively question yourself. Social media, Instagram in particular is a highlight reel, showing only what people want you to see. All I’m saying is don’t take it so seriously. Its okay to feel unhappy sometimes and want better for yourself, it’s okay to feel mad or hurt…. that means you’re human!!!!!! And just because nobody tends to show that does not make you any less of a person than them for feeling however you do.

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