Live for YOU.🧘🏽‍♀️

I used to have this lingering sense of constantly feeling the need to make sure everyone else was happy; family, friends, strangers. I felt controlled by this and could not see any other way of living for myself. Continuously trying to please others is mentally and emotionally exhausting, leaving just a very small space in your heart and mind to tend to yourself. Slowly but surely I began to realize I was not living for myself, that’s when I started to change my actions and ways of thinking.

Never again would I end a day feeling like I did nothing for myself but so much for others. I stopped worrying about the needs, thoughts and actions of others, and focused more on living in the present. I now live more freely and am feeling more myself than ever before. Things fall into place the more you trust yourself and live for you. Life begins to seem more pleasant and exciting when you are living without the constant fear of upsetting people, letting someone down and worrying too much about their feelings towards you. Live for yourself, do whatever it takes to give your life purpose and meaning and keep your mind in the present time.

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